3 Things to Keep in Mind to Choose the Right Jigsaw Blades

Jigsaw blades are an important part of the tools arsenal of people working or a range of cutting applications. If you are looking for the best jigsaw blades, means you already have a jigsaw, so the first order of the day is to ensure that you look for blades that fit the mount of your jigsaw.

Otherwise, the search will be for nothing.

So, without wasting anytime, let’s take a look at the three critical aspects of jigsaw blades that you must keep in mind to choose the best blades for your needs:

Metal is the Key

Whether you are looking for a laminate jigsaw blade or some other type of blade, it is important to remember that the ability of the jigsaw blade to cut through a particular kind of materials is determined by its metal composition.

There are specific blades meant to cut certain types of materials but there are multi-tasking jigsaw blades that can be used to cut different types of materials. Typically, jigsaw blades are made from high-carbon steel, high-speed steel, specific types of bimetals and there are also blades whose teeth are made from really tough material like tungsten-carbide. These are usually used to cut through nails etc.

It’s the teeth that matter

Think of scenario wherein you want a jigsaw blade for plywood, and you also want thisblade to offer a smoother cut. In this case, you must go with a blade that has more teeth per inch as these are the kind of blades that will help you make smoother cuts; however, you will have to maintain a slow pace while working with these blades.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a jigsaw blade that helps you cut quickly and you aren’t worried whether it leaves the edges rough or not, you need to go for blades with lower teeth per inch ratio.

It’s also important to note how the teeth are set, so that you know whether you will be able to cut faster with the blade and whether it will wear out quickly.

Cost of the Jigsaw blades

There are plenty of jigsaw blades of various makes that are available on the market.  You have long jigsaw blades, jigsaw blade for woods and jigsaw blades for plywood and many others. Apart from the difference in quality of the various blades, what you will also realise is that the cost of a jigsaw blade differs from one manufacturer to another.

It is imperative that you must have a budget in mind while making your choice. In order to do this, research the market for the price of jigsaw blades across different manufacturers. And pick the one that meets your requirements best, and that too within budget.


These are not the only things you must keep in mind to choose the perfect jigsaw blades for your needs, but they will definitely give you a head start. It is important to doing your research and only then going ahead and buying jigsaw blades of your choice.