5 Best Electric Lawn Mower Under you Budget

Cutting grass can be a meditative experience that leaves you with a feeling of a great sense of accomplishment. It can be a tradition you look forward to. However, if you have the wrong lawn mower, the job can turn into one big problem.

From cable transmission each time you turn, to mixing dirty and smelly fuel, some mowers are not user friendly. But nowadays battery technology has reached a new level. More mobile mowers than ever before operate as a choice of power and fuel. There are even robot mowers that will do the job for you. So, what is the best option for you?

You will need to ask yourself some questions about the area you need to associate with the level you want to reduce. And think about how you deal with confusion. We have listed all you need to think about below. And we pulled out bad options, and we came up with a shortlist of grass cutters that would make cutting the grass a real pleasure.


Why do you need a lawnmower?

If you want to see your garden and have a clean and tidy lawn, then you will need a decent mower. A better doer can work faster which means you can do it more often for a better-kept garden. Like a regular haircut, it pays to keep on top of the lawn.

Regular cuts spell less physical effort, and less grass to remove dirt.

Another reason for cutting grass is to clean the leaves. Many mowers will chew leaves and either bag them for you as you go or chop and spread them on the lawn to work back into the soil. Either way, you end up with a tidier lawn or do all that rake work without the need to use a leaf blower.

Here are a few listed best mowers for your garden.


1. Black & Decker Hover Lawnmower Plastic Blade Electric 1200W/240v 30cm Cutting


  • Power: Electric
  • Voltage: 240v UK Mains
  • Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Cutting Width: 30cm
  • Cutting Heights: 3
  • Cutting Height Range: 20mm - 40mm
  • Cable Length: 10 metres
  • Weight: 5.91kg


Features & Benefits:

  • Recommended for smaller gardens up to 250 square metres.
  • Easy to control in all directions.
  • Perfect for sloped or uneven lawns.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Collapsible handles for space-saving storage.
  • Reaches areas larger mowers cannot.


2. Flymo Speedimo 360C lawn mower

A powerful electric lawn mower with a 1500-watt motor designed to tackle larger lawns coming with a 12-meter power cable. With a central height adjustment lever - you can change to any one of the 5 different cutting heights (20-60mm) in seconds by simply moving the lever located by the rear wheel. By changing the cutting height of the 36cm metal cutting blade - it helps you prevent yellowing for your lawn as you can change the length of the grass-based on the weather i.e. leave the grass longer in hot conditions. It's easy to remove and replace 40-litre grass box - collects and compacts the grass as you cut the lawn. This lets you collect more grass.

  • The cutting width of 36 cm
  • Cutting height steps 5
  • Cutting height max 60 mm
  • Cutting height min 20 mm
  • Cutting height adjustment Central
  • Collector volume 40 l
  • Blade type Metal
  • Power 1500 W


3. Flymo Chevron Lawnmower

Powerful electric wheeled lawnmower with a rear roller for a quick and easy way to a traditional striped lawn. The powerful Flymo Chevron 34C comes with a rear roller and makes it easy to create a traditional, striped effect on lawns. It's ideal for any garden.

  • Power 1400 W
  • Cutting width 34 cm / 13.39 inch
  • Cutting height, min-max 20 - 65 mm / 0.79 - 2.56 inch
  • Blade type Metal
  • Cutting height steps 5
  • Cutting height adjustment Central
  • Collector volume 40 lit / 1.14 cu. feet
  • Cable length 12 m / 39.37 feet
  • Rear Roller
  • Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 96 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level at operators ear 78.2 dB(A)
  • Vibrations handlebar 1.79 m/s²

Features: Rear roller for stripes and easy cutting over edges, easy to change cutting heights, easy to carry and simple to empty, large capacity grassbox.


4. Flymo Easimo Rotary Mower

Product Description

  • Electric wheeled Rotary Mower - small, lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy fold handles
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Narrow front wheels for cutting close to edges
  • Power: 900w
  • 32cm cutting width
  • 3 cutting heights (20-60mm)
  • 29L grassbox
  • Weight: 7.9kg


Product Description

The Chevron 32V from Flymo is a lightweight, easy to use an electric wheeled mower with a rear roller that will give your lawn that classic striped finish. Your Flymo Chevron 32V won't leave you feeling exhausted after mowing your lawn. The rear roller will give your lawn a classic striped finish, and also make cutting over edges easier. Cutting will be quick and efficient leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your garden area.

You don't need to worry about maintenance or servicing when you buy a Flymo product because they are designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability, and only require the minimum of attention to keep them working perfectly over their long life.

  • Powered by a 1200 watt motor,
  • 32cm metal cutting blade
  • 3 heights of cut, ranging from 20mm - 60mm
  • 29-litre grass collection box

These are the best five lawn mowers by Remitools. For more information visit our website. Choose your lawnmower wisely.